Art Basel Cities Week

‘Hopscotch (Rayuela)’ Catalog

September 6 – 12, 2018

Stan VanDerBeek

Cine Dreams: Future Cinema of the Mind, 1972

Planetario Galileo Galilei


Cine Dreams: Future Cinema of the Mind, 1972
Eight-hour, overnight multimedia installation for planetarium theater
Dimensions variable

Stan VanDerBeek’s Cine Dreams is an overnight event originally performed for three nights in 1972 in Rochester, New York, with assistance from the Visual Studies Workshop. Cine Dreams is meant to be experienced collectively during various sleep cycles as an experiment in altering our subconscious through image immersion. The present iteration includes 25 simultaneous projections comprising 47 films transferred to video and 5 digital slideshows. Computer animations, newsreels, live-action dance, found imagery, and collage films blend and contrast to create a vivid impression of 20th-century America as processed by one of the era's most forward-thinking minds. Closed-circuit imagery of audience members and images of the night sky are also woven into the continuously evolving overhead collage of image and sound. Details of dreams that occurred during the screening will be collected following the event.

What is the effect of images superimposed on the edge of sleep? Is your dream state pre-coded and isolated? What is the possibility of new social rituals using multimedia to unite group consciousness? Is it possible to find a mythic common image, a non-verbal reference point that a group can identify and relate to? Is this the future cinema, a new ‘dream factory?’

Stan VanDerBeek, 1972

Courtesy of the Stan VanDerBeek Archive.

Special thanks to Planetario Galileo Galilei, Veronica Espino and her team of technicians for hosting this ‘Hopscotch (Rayuela)’ work.

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Visitor Information

  • Planetario Galileo Galilei, Avenida Sarmiento and Belisario Roldan, Palermo
  • This artwork is site- and time-specific
  • Free entry, no ticket required
  • Seats 252, first-come, first-serve
  • Pillows and blankets are permitted for the audience’s comfort
  • Please be advised that this work features real-time, closed-circuit video. By entering the exhibition you consent to being filmed for the express purpose of playback during the night’s show. The original presentation of Cine Dreams asked audience members to record their dreams for the artist by calling a hotline or sending a letter. The Stan VanDerBeek Archive invites participants to describe their dreams during or following the event. Any feedback will be considered part of Cine Dreams and may be used as documentation of the event.


Born 1927 in New York, USA 
Died 1984 in Baltimore, USA

Stan VanDerBeek was a prolific multimedia artist known for his pioneering work in experimental film and art and technology. He studied at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York (1948-1952), and at Black Mountain College, Asheville, North Carolina (1949-1950). Recent exhibitions that have featured VanDerBeek's work include ‘Stan VanDerBeek: The Culture Intercom’ at the MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (2011); the 55th Venice Biennale (2013); ‘Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College, 1933-1957’ at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (2015); ‘Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905-2016’ at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2016); ‘Merce Cunningham: Common Time’ at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2017); and ‘Delirious: Art at the Limits of Reason, 1950-1980’ at the Met Breuer, New York (2017). Upcoming exhibitions include ‘Judson Dance Theater: The Work is Never Done’ at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (2018).

The artist is represented by The Box, Los Angeles.