Director: Shannon Mikhail Lobo

Producer: Keegan Crasto

Director of Photography: Deep Tachak, Shikhar Gupta, Parth Dave

Editors: Deep Tachak, Vivek Vishwakarma

Colorist Deep Tachak

Gaffer: Madhusudan Kumar

Production Company: Public Butter

Post Production: Cinematic Solutions

Camera Equipment: Ravish Equips

Lights: Jyoti Cine Lights

Art Basel

Executive Editor: Coline Milliard

Senior Editor: Alicia Reuter

Video Commissioner: Jeanne-Salomé Rochat

Creative Producer: Akiel Gallina

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Art Basel's 'Meet the collectors' film series celebrates today's most inspiring patrons

Businesswoman, publisher, collector, and philanthropist Sangita Jindal has played a pivotal role in advancing India's art scene. Through her endeavors, Jindal exemplifies the belief that art has the power to transform society, bridging the gap between the traditional and the modern. In this episode of 'Meet the collectors,' we explore Jindal's extensive art collection and her many initiatives, including public sculpture and Art India magazine. Her passion for art began with her mother, who founded the Kanoria Centre for Arts in Ahmedanbad, and has taken her from Mumbai to the historic site of Hampi, where she recently opened the spectacular Hampi Art Labs. The initiative brings together an exhibition center, residency, production studios, commissions, and site-specific installations. Watch on YouTube here

No doubt her most ambitious project to date, the Hampi Art Labs is nestled within a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the last capital of the Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagar, with the remains of temples, halls, and shrines dating back to the 14th century. Jindal's vision for this initiative was to establish a sanctuary for artists, offering them a space to hone their skills amidst the ancient city. Reflecting on the significance of this site, she notes, 'People all over the world have now realized this marvel is a part of our country. [...] Hampi Art Labs will become an oasis for all artists.'

Hampi Art Labs' inaugural exhibition, 'Right Foot First – Works from the Sangita Jindal Collection 1998 – 2023,' is on view through May 31, 2024.