Session, 2013

Hong Kong 2019
3-channel video installation, HD video; 6 min, loop
Born 1972 in Van, Turkey Lives and works in Berlin, Germany The six-minute, three-channel, video work, Session, is composed of the interplay of instruments from the Emirates, all of which are made to sound like the urban spaces of Sharjah. The dynamic rhythms and sounds are made by rattles, drums, tambourines, and bells, all percussive instruments found by the artist in the city. These instruments and sounds reflect their countries of origin – Pakistan, India, Iraq, etc. – and the diverse people living in Sharjah. Through different areas of the city: the industrial district, the desert, the heritage area of the small old city center, the instruments symbolically traverse different hierarchies allowing Aladağ to address the social structure of society and the interpreting gaze of the beholder. Nevin Aladağ is a trained sculptor who works with objects, performances, and film around questions of borderlines and frontiers in connection with constructions of identity. 內文.阿拉達格 1972 年出生於土耳其凡城 現於德國柏林生活及工作 總長六分鐘的三聲道視頻裝置作品 《Session》以多種阿聯酋樂器合奏組 成,奏出一場當地城市沙迦的聲音漫 遊。內文.阿拉達格在沙迦搜尋到搖 鈴、鼓、手鼓和鈴鐺等分別源自巴基斯 坦、印度及伊拉克等地的敲擊樂器, 奏出活潑的節拍與聲音,從樂器到奏出 的音樂均揭示沙迦的多元文化。這些樂 器帶領觀者走過沙迦城市中的工業區、 沙漠及小小的歷史舊城區,穿越不同的 社會階層,道出藝術家想帶出的社會 結構,同時象徵旁觀者嘗試理解這結構 的視角。 受過正統雕塑教育的內文.阿拉達格, 透過物件、表演及影像形式的作品探索 與身份建構有關的界線。