Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires | Activations

From 2017 through 2019, the collaboration between Art Basel Cities and the city of Buenos Aires celebrated the vibrancy of the Argentine capital’s cultural scene. Building on exchanges begun during the Art Basel Cities House in November 2017 and after a successful Art Basel Cities Week in September 2018, April 2019 brought renewed attention to the ongoing Talks Program during Semana del Arte, organized by the government of the City of Buenos Aires. In December 2019, Art Basel Cities concluded its engagement with Buenos Aires on the occasion of the public sculpture show ‘Disruptions,’ staged concurrently with the Art Basel show in Miami Beach.


From the buzzing hub of the Art Basel Cities House in November 2017 through the movable feast of Art Basel Cities Week in September 2018 and the final exhibition, 'Disruptions', in Miami Beach in 2019 – Art Basel Cities has been honored to contribute to the cultural life of Buenos Aires.