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Talks Program
Talks Program
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Launched in November 2017, the Art Basel Cities Talks Program in Buenos Aires facilitates exchanges and conversations about art between members of the Argentine and international artworlds, together with the broader Buenos Aires community. With events held in informal and unconventional formats, the Talks Program takes place throughout the year, coinciding with key cultural activations in Buenos Aires. It engages with cultural institutions and leading art schools, universities, and educational organizations.

The Art Basel Cities Talks Program is structured around three primary formats:

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Talks Program in 2019

During the city’s Semana del Arte in April 2019, a special program of Parallel Rooms and Masterclasses was held in collaboration with arteBA Fundación, alongside their contemporary art fair. Between April 12 and 14, Art Basel Cities hosted 42 speakers from across the cultural sphere to discuss salient topics for the Buenos Aires audience. The pan-latitude lineup included:
  • Estrella de Diego and Diana Wechsler on gender in contemporary art
  • A panel of international entrepreneurs on art’s technological future
  • Santiago Villanueva and Milovan Farronato on the curator as activist
  • Aníbal Jozami and Mercedes Vilardell on collecting in a globalized world
  • Isabel Lewis and Osías Yanov on the direction of performance art
  • Florencia Battiti and Kit Hammonds on how to approach site-specific commissions
  • Benedicta Badia, Carlos Marsano, and Laurie Ziegler on how they as collectors foster productive relationships to their local scenes of Buenos Aires/Singapore, Lima, and Los Angeles, respectively


To date, Art Basel Cities has presented discussions by Luciana Brito, Julia Converti, Juliana Huxtable, Guillermo Kuitca, Pablo León de la Barra, Jean de Loisy, Brett Littman, Marta Minujín, Victoria Noorthoorn, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Alec Oxenford, and Alain Servais, among many others, to an artworld audience as well as the wider public. The events have been generously hosted by many of our Cultural Partners in Buenos Aires.

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